Welcome to RDFFD System-Networks

The first ever Complet GTU YOGA system-network -Adfrom winter 1995 to 2022+ under writing Guide Book with books for each part of the system as the basic policy.
it is Complet 4 foundations in one and globally planned and it is total and ultimate but will always be 100 years ahead of time that is why the best talented and skilled only can register here.

There is an RDFFD Map in RDFFD.org or igb8.tv streaming channel part when you visit as a member&investor you can see that from Northwest to the southwest Europe it is connected to India and South America and from the east side connected to Australia and New Zealand and Japan.

There are included and excluded countries but with the RDFFD map, you understand that this system-network is the lost inner part connections and using Europe as its Motherland base, therefore from the two very major RDFFD centers in North wast Europe and southeast Europe in Spain the founder made it clear that everything and everyone who is with RDFFD will be 100%+ way organized and trained so that when he talks about the continent of Europe and the Motherland and Base for the strategic and everlasting plan those who deserve to be here in RDFFD will be with us and all others can try to learn and get off and try again until they can one day be apart of this highly aimed YOGA way Foundation where the Founder made it clear that one should be a Pioneer type and inventor one and match the demands and should look like the founder and be the one who dares to challenge every extremely difficult task ahead of us time to time to the end of the world.
One should meet the Founder and gradually learn from him so that everyone can realize what he was doing all past years on this Complete GTU system network.

The first step is to organize Europe in the northwest and southwest parts, and hereby you are in direct contact with the Founder of RDFFD and you can write to him on one A-4 Page about your clear details and CV that you want to be a Permanent mem-inv ( member -investor ) in RDFFD investment is direct – we had enough problems with hidden online cheaters who are robbing people with Lies false and information.
In RDFFD we have a direct system for becoming a responsible member and investing directly so that your 100& right involvement will be a true reality and a clear example anytime from here.

In RDFFD we all know what we are doing or we are learning what to do according to the highest possible plan and strategy and ongoing development within the system. There are 560 places in RDFFD for the south part of Europe + Latin America part – and 650 places for the north part of Europe and 560 for India and Australia and New Zealand and Japan at the moment and which means 1680 Per. mem-inv can register in RDFFD in the 35 different Groups of 16 members in each group men and women 50 to 50 sharing places.

But with the expansion of these programs of RDFFD, we will renew plans as it asks our planning to be.
Note: there is nothing in RDFFD one can say is missing here but in case anything is missing will be studied and included in it because our demand from every human is clear ( do your last Lap running and jump higher and dive deeper but first be the one who really is able to do so and nothing is wrong with you).
we need to learn exactly and practice exactly under supervision to master, the rest is here waiting for us and that is the best or all kinds of the worst difficult tasks.

RDFFD is your base if you can be a deserved Permanate member&investor one day. The last Lap run is there waiting for you since the beginning of human history and here is the founder of the inner system network helping to first become deeper so that you can jump higher otherwise you would be able to fulfill your burning wishes without a clear and long-lasting true strategy where we all are there to improve each other’s talent and skills for the worst time ahead of us.

RDFFD Founder
Address and our Operator’s number:

RDFFD is depending on Permante registered members and investors otherwise the Founder with over 120 books and 2000 hours of films to produce can do nothing from here.
We have no one to support us but we have ourselves alone to the end. in YOGA way you are your GOD on this Lonely Planet.


Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, often referred to as simply Sadhguru, is an Indian yogi, mystic, and author. He founded the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers Yoga programs around the world and is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives.



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Hatha Yoga

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Vinyasa Yoga

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Kundalini Yoga

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Intuitive Yoga

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Aroma Yoga

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Slow Yoga

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Importance of Yoga in Our Daily Life

Yoga is not a religion, it is a way of living that aims towards a healthy mind in a healthy body.Man is a physical, mental and spiritual being; yoga helps promote a balanced development of all the three. Other forms of physical exercises, like aerobics, assure only physical well-being. They have little to do with the development of the spiritual or astral body.


Yogic exercises recharge the body with cosmic energy and facilitates:

  • Attainment of perfect equilibrium and harmony
  • Promotes self- healing.
  • Removes negative blocks from the mind and toxins from the body
  • Enhances personal power
  • Yoga to live with greater awareness
  • Helps in attention, focus and concentration, especially important for children
  • Reduces stress and tension in the physical body by activating the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Yoga for better relationships

The aspirant feels rejuvenated and energized. Thus, yoga bestows upon every aspirant the powers to control body and mind.

Join Hundreds of Healthy People

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