BMR.DEYLAMAN – the Founder of RDFFD is also Head of Administration Group until he this Part of SYSTEM-NETWORK member of this Group learn enough about how to administrate well after him. From Here every potential member can add him on WhatsApp number 0034603305655 – then will be on Facebook and on Skype and with him until all ways connecting with him will be possible.

To be a Top Administrator in RDFFD one should be either on top or potentially good enough to learn bu knowing that without YOGA practising is almost impossible to fit in here for a long time. A person with Mind after YOGA has more chance.

Here in this Part each Group for each country and Centre( RDFFD C-B CENTRE) 4 Persons are enough to create a Group. there is not a Group here just with one or two persons and administration Group for Girls and Ladies part also have the same amount of members too.