RDFFD is the global foundation because of the Founder Personality and it takes its name from his book number 2-25 Shahr Khuobaan and Shahr Sheedaat or Shahr Khuobaan and Shahr Eshraagh. From here one needs to know he is following the two books all the time from youth time or early time of his strategy began 1- PaadShaahRaastienNaahMeh of BMR.Perdiesie Tuosie and Hekmat EShraagh of BMR.Souhreverdie all the time…The book 2-25 of him was 3 times born and 2 times dead. so when in the 1995 winter the third volcanic began in him continued to  stay with him until now days.in this book, while writing one article RDFFD was born as a twin’s brothers.Meanwhile, the Foundation of Deylam is Specially designed for internal affairs of Great Iran so that both parts will have its own Guidebook.