To engage youth and Children from age of 5  as it is in the planning of the Founder from early age HaftKhaan(7HK) and YOGA way preparation of for inner engineering( SADHGURU -Jaggi Vasudev Method who was found on the internet in early 2013 while many years he was in search of a absolute Favorite Guru gradually YOGA FOUNDATION then Youth and Children FOUNDATION was created.

Finally, the Founder after years arrived in Delhi-India in 21th of February 2019 and during his time there  the Last part Youth and Children Foundation was found by him while he was very busy but day after day he was watching homeless children with his third eye as he managed to  add to films to  his collection of films for his Zorro -Fardin Series and one book too. All the money of these two films and the book will be used for children and families living homeless in india.