TO DESIGN was also one of his many talents and during the past years, he has designed many different things too. But from Behter Design Group and the company and institute part of RDFFD will work on them. He always tried to become professional in each field but too much involvement in writing never gave him enough time to work on other parts very much. As all of them are now assents of RDFFD it doesn’t matter who is making them ready. Behter Design Group has a lot of works already from here on while in the Group teaching they will know what exactly the Task is and also one by one task will be introduced to one or a few so that the best will be produced.

Behter Design Group also takes its name from his name as well while in English writing form of it is wrong. Beh-Behter- Behterin( Pahlavie= Pahlavian-Parsie=Persian. From Here to check out All workes used in RDFFD system-Network always go to FerhangNaameh Deylami-Pahlavie BOOK N.23 IN Daamoon der Goodaaz DarangHaa( Collection of Bbooks) written &underwritng by BMR.Deylaman- Roozbeh-Behrooz-Roozbehaan Bahariedeylami so that the Sanskrit Pahlavian Language will be our first true language here. but also  a different written form from Left  also  is there as the New Behlavie Language with gets help from the same language as well so that we can write from the right side and left side too.

LSC+8 or RDFFD founder live streaming channel +8 this part of service is for the Founder and will be directly used by him and from his Head office while there is one more channel in for him too.