There are 4 foundations in 1 major foundation plan and it has one strategy and aims for humanity to  grow up by choosing the right direction(تنهاه راه در گاهان (گیتی و بسوی پردیس) راه راستی است )

All these one can find out in IRAN-INDIA Ferhang Jaan o Kheradie Method which from here will become more and more clear to  the true Seekers.

Life is a secret and complicated long process where the seeker needs to  be focused and true searcher after his own development first and never pay attention to  others until he reaches level 8.

Here in the Board members of RDFFD from the A-B university part and Guru’s foundation Part, there is a Board members which are not limited members but open membership, it means qualified persons can be a member here.

All part of RDFFD  has a GUIDEBOOK and aim and strategy is written there for each part of the foundation, there is a Board member section within the System-Network where all members will meet on time each year or whenever necessary.