A great Essay writer who never thought one day he will become a Film writer as well but he is. When we look at his long list of books there is a book there Roozbeh and Fardin the story of a young boy in a mysterous way found Greatest Iranian Actor who passed away in April 2000 and from here in April 2000 to August 2000 nobody knows what was he doing in secret planning his 21 years traveling time for writing for films. The tragic death of the Fardin was a big shock to  him as it immediately made him that night while watching the BBC news it is time to  take over but you think it was that easy?

– Latest Zorro writer and an all-time Affectionate of Late Guy Williams – El Zorro and Guy Williams – Don Diego De La Vega  the Zorro series of 1957-1959 a book about his spiritual contact with Guy Williams also is there waiting for us for reading. he never takes a case seriously if there is no spiritual contact with him.

– the second Series where Fardin and his Grandfather and himself are in the center is more an Animation film because. it has a name but still, he doesn’t want to unveil it. Both of his very long series have names but no one knows it and will not know until the producing time after maybe close to  the producing time.

The Latest Zorro Series is also  this time a Global series and the second one as well because of his unique way of Aaeen DjavanMardi way of Life and the Pahlavian way of Life and in the west is translated differently But with his Great Dictionary one can read enough to know all new words or words which is not known in the west.The Latest Zorro Series now is close to 185 long episodes while the second Series also can begin to film.Here he wants to  know who is registered in the FiZR Studio Group and company and institute so that thereafter producing absolute Classic films begin.Classic Cinema Back to  Europe and every country has a Studio in RDFFD System-Network after becoming a Permanent Member country.

However, by opening up the RDFFD C-B CENTER is also  to activate the FiZR STUDIO especially in those countries, there are many films to  be made such as Lavia and Finland and Spain it is much easy to allow a quick establishment of FiZR Studio  however the institute part of it is high and very demanding quality part of  strategic plan of the founder. He demands the ultimate quality and clean work.

Let us not forget he is brought up by a very ambitious Grandfather and Father then he became an even more ambitious and demanding person by delivering that kind of quality in Art specially.these days he has over 400 hours of Films to be produced. the first and second series of him are ready for shooting, also, there are other film projects but his main focus if on long and continuously films and series.

As a unique adventures writer of Film he traveled since August 2000 and plan was a 21 years time when after 11 years poor result was going to  end his decision from 2011-2012 a miracle began and then right after a few more things made him believe from here nothing is going to stop him writing.

During his first visit of India in  Feb-May he added two more films to his Zorro series and one more book for street children and homeless people by having a plan to create a centre for them and Youth and Children Foundation was born there too.

The founder a 4 Men in One ( As an all-time Fardin Fan and Guy Williams and Iraj one can understand why FiZR Studio become his Cinema name and why he is now in the center of Film writing and acting as well and guiding others as well. while from a long time ago in 1996 again one Iranian Artist with his Violin changes his style of singing and from here in 1996 and a turning point in his life as well and today if we see major changes in his discovery it is because of a lot of major changes occurred in him.The Fardin Cinema is a title People know it all about. Fardin was truly a true Cinema and however, the Institute of RDFFD  has his name on it but FiZR studio is also the name of the studio Part.The founder Knows all about Fardin Cinema and the western Cinema and especially the Bonanza and Little House on the prairie was watched by him like a school of films study before getting ready.Fardin and Guy Williams are Gone but their representative is here on the earth with us, the man who lives daily with them and they become a part of him. both died tragically but their very unique and true follower got them back to the new Cinema.

Now the Motion and animation part of FiZR Studio will take them back and this is the Only way to see them again in a new role.