This part of RDFFD was created during the first visit of BMR.DEYLAMAN to India during between 21.Feb& 9th of May 2019.During this time he was able to add 3 new films to  his collections of films box and one book of course. These 3 films are about homeless Children of India or the poor ones and in the centre of these 3 films are 3 small girls.

The founder’s Favorite Guru, SadhGuru -Jaggi Vasudev who is already in the Latest Zorro Series as the KING GURU in the Jangel of INDIA and the Drama is written by the Founder but here with the first film( the name of this and other films is not mentioned here until then films are produced) SadhGuru again will be in the first film too. what has happened to the Zorro writer during a night visit of someone in Delhi and Seeing a Poor girl and her mother in the middle of Metro while he was coming back from that important meeting and here it begins.

Fardin and Zorro Guy Williams both all-time favorite of the Founder and the writer come back and in this film which can be a long film all 4 men behind the FiZR STUDIO are acting together, the Iraj, of course, is the ever favorite Aavaaz Khaan of him and the Fardin.we all begin gradually to know the Founder BMR.DEYLAMAN secret plan from August 2000 while it was a few months after the Fardin’s tragic death in 6th of April -18 of Farverdin in 2000 while from that night BBC news heard by him on TV channel somewhere he was living, until August 2000 he began his very dangerous and adventures journey in full silence,and nobody yet knows anything about inside story where he was what he was doing and his secretive life for these 2 favorite actors both died in his month of birth and he knew all about these two real men FARDIN & GUY WILLIAMS the Zorro from 1957-1959 Series.

Secret Plan was to continue the classic Cinema and fining Topics for films and producing and helping the Foundation he had discovered a few years ago to  write about, today we know it as RDFFD.In these 3 Films in India, viewers can see many reflects of Fardin and Guy Williams-Zorro starring bu the writer-actor as 3 in 1 and 4 in one Person as he himself is the traveling writer-adventures and Pioneer of all things and of course the Scenario writer too.

India visit was for finding TOP web designers and explaining everything about the Global and Total and Ultimate SYSTEM-NETWORK to the best developers there but things were not as expected.Returning to  Spain to continue writing the latest Zorro Series? No, already in October 2019 in a very heavy rainy day at a Cafe where over one year was sitting place of him and the Secretive Captian from North Europe, the Series ended there but now the writer understood one more long film is going to be written again.

End of June 2019 the latest Zorro series got a new film into it and collection of this Zorro Series now went over 200 episodes.Again the lost Captian Ludvik and his life got a new topic and the writer of the series continued writing this one too while he is trying not to  add any more topic and is so busy of other works which is SYSTEM-NETWORK DEVELOPING and content writing.

As an Experienced Astrologer, he EASILY DISCOVERED THE SADHGURUS’S talent of acting and when the time was right he was acting in the long episode of 2 little princes and 2 little princesses from 2017 discovery.Sadhguru is the only Guru in these series on new Zorro where 3 men Fardin and Iraj and Guy Williams are involved too as inspiring actor and singer and in the Motion Films part of all time Zorro Series which can put an end to Zorro series and wouldn’t be easy plan anything like in future.Also, the Fardin Series which is the second series a renovation of  Fardin’s films and a new way of acting for him is planned by the Writer as he was abandoned from acting since 1979.Between Fardin and the writer and the founder of RDFFD, there is a secret bound from he was 9-10 of age as this story is one of his book in the over 100 books collection written and under writing by BMR.DEYLAMAN.

We begin to know that he is Great Grand Son of a VERY GREAT DEYLAMI-PAHLAVII BMR.the IRAN-INDIA OLD spiritual men continuing to  inspire and here He was inspired by his Grandfather to  know his Great Grand father’s life in childhood and continued his secret life looking for a Top Guru and he discovered the Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in 2013 while from 1989 he begin YOGA and studying about and looking for a Great Guru as well the Vedic Culture also was under his study for the Cinema part, of course, he has his own way and his policy in a book underwritten by him for the institute part of RDFFD  AND THE FARDIN ( THE UNIQUE AND THE ONLY ONE IT MEANS) INSTITUTE should be followed up by all filmmakers of FiZR studio ACTORS AND ACTRESSES.

The commercial cinema is not his aim and strategy  but helping human to  act rightly he was a critic of some part of the Fardin films as he stopped watching Fardin before 1979 what got him back into this Mad and even after getting him into, he again left thinking about cinema for about 2 years? one should wait and read about but watching the Sadhguru talking about Indian Cinema and cinema in General, in somehow he returned and began to continue searching for topics for the Zorro series after all helping RDFFD  was there too by now he is over 500 hours of films creation and just THE FIZR STUDIO members of RDFFD cinema group will be able to  contact him and begin the production of these two series while he himself will be in the class to  Guide them for all parts: acting and understanding the scenarios and the basic things about his film writing and the need for absolute classic cinema in our daily life.The latest Zorro and the Gentleman, of course, is a Yogi himself and this Zorro series and Fardin Series is Global as one can see him all over the world. Creation of a new Face who is spiritually in touch with his heroes and Gurus and those who inspire himself are there.In both Zorro and Fardin series, one can see a complex of many into one personality which is him on earth while he walks on clouds too.

During the long 2000 to 2019, he was not resting and still is not in each part of the 4 foundation, you can read more about BMR.DEYLAMAN. FOUNDER OF RDFFD which is to bring back the first and most important part of the YOGA System-Network Back to earth.India is one of the two wings in RDFFD system-network plan and strategy.]

YOGA is kept there for over 15000 years: the time is Measured by the Great Saddguru in one of the videos watched by the founder. FIZR STUDIO and the film production now for the India Part. Whenever the founder of RDFFD saw a group of actors and filmmakers from India are registered or team or groups from Europe can help, the shooting after an enough preparation time will begin.Without an active RDFFD C-B center working and progressing  is not possible.since 1995 winter BMR.DEYlAMAN is into this project without anyone knowing this and any details of his strategic plan of YOGA.

The story of a Guru traveling around India because he read in the news that Indian children commit suicide more than ever.  founder of RDFFD understood this by watching a video on this. WHEN HE ARRIVED IN DELHI IN 2019 with the first film scenario he discovered, began the plan of a YOUTH&CHILDREN FOUNDATION and named it after his favorite Guru and become SADGURU’S STEP 2 FOUNDATION. SGS2F. TO  FOUND THIS PART OF THE FOUNDATION AND ESTABLISHMENT OF RDFFD C-B CENTRE these 3 films including the one book are direct assets for Youth and Children in India. Here in RDFFD, WE ARE DEPENDING on the registration of best-taltented ones who choose RDFFD way of life the YOGA way.

For those in India and rest of the world who don’t know anything about YOGA and spiritually in the Greater IRAN one need to  read THE GREAT BOOK OF SHAHNAMEH and Haft Khaan -7HK. I am trying from my youth time to  discover it the founder of RDFFD SAID – and RDFFD is all about this 7HK establishment because without this we can not read out to  the level 8th which belongs to  the PEERMEHR-MEHRPEER- EVEN A GREAT KING OF IRAN was on this level as one can see the Tomb of KING Cyrus the great and Great Hafez Shirazi. The west Part of the YOGA system-Network was destroyed many many times in the past and from now we can hope this will be established by RDFFD SYSTEM-NETWORK.