About Founder of RDFFD

BMR.Deylaman - Bahariedeylami

BMR.Deylaman – Bahariedeylami  Poet, designer, singer, painter, actor,film-writer, and the founder of RDFFD which is a 4 Foundation plan in one. He doesn’t want to write and explain about himself but in brief, he added this much about himself so that his member of RDFFD or  RaisseDeylaman Foundation ( Foundation of Deylaman ) will know a little bit about him and his ability and family background as well. He belongs to the Deylami-Pahlavi people from Northern Great Pahlav Region and Family of him lived in Deylaman from the very beginning. Deylaman is located on the AaleBourzaan (the highest place of Eagles) His life story is a long mystery because until today and maybe to the end… He brought up by his Great Grandfather TaajBehraam Deylami son of a Great Deylami-Pahlavi BMR. From childhood spiritual and continued his secret life in Spirituality until now. He is the most Talented Person of his large family and we should know he is a Person with many different talents. His family as he understood from childhood belongs to the DjevaanMardaan – Pahlavanaan Pahlav in the Great Pahlav. He grew up in a very high ambacius family and expectations from his Grandfather side and also his father pushed him always ahead and for higher achievements. Very quiet Person and an all-time thinker child then boy and still so. He is a True Zoroastrian while his connections are deep routed in the PaadShaahRaasteenNaameh( Note: this written Style is his and the name of this new language from the left side is Behlavi invented by him) He also met Ashou Zoroaster in his dream and go his message. He is not a believer but a sicker Person who says that if I am not a better and more clear mirror every second I am not a moving into that Raastie Direction which is vertically developing a personality. He is also many years learning YOGA and therefore he has created a GLOBAL-TOTAL-ULTIMATE Yoga system-Network based on his knowledge of PaadShaahRaastienNaameh. in all he belongs to the eastern and Vedic system of Living. like all other Children during the second Palavi PaadShaahie-Kingdom after the white Revelotion in Great IRAN-Ieraan, he went to school but he understood the poor education system at the time was not enough for him to find his way in spirituality and in a society  where he was living. Today we see his endless plan of A-B UNIVERSITY for an ultimate system of education for all Iranian especially fro the Great Pahlav Region in the North Part to the whole North Europe as well.  therefore he named it the Greater Pahlavian PaadShaahie-Kingdom System-Network. BMR.Deylaman is the chosen one in secret and he is the number four in his family after his Great Grandfather who was a enlighten Pahlavian MBR and from childhood by listening all the time to his Grandfather who dived into this secret life without anyone knowing it. His grandfather wanted him to go to the Army and become an officer as he was in the Reza Shah Army during the last 2 years before the invasion of Iran by Allies.

The TaajBehraam Deylami an all-time Affectionate of Greate Reza Shah Pahlavi brought up a Grandson without knowing soon he would fly away from him and continuing his secret spiritual life elsewhere. their contact thereafter become spiritual as well, including the late PaadShaah of IRAN was in touch with him but this young man had another plan, the HaftKhaan plan on his mind. He wanted to go to the end dead or coming back life but victorious.

We better wait until we read about him in the book PaayaanShaahNaameh25-25 book number in a collection of over 100 books he has for us as the first collection was written and underwritten by him following the Great Aavestaa(Avesta) collection. For him living his life was just all time thinking and planning and creating and making connections and building bridges between human for a very better life on earth. His deep thinking and putting a lot of difficult questions to the Creator was a habit he was born with and this way he invented a lot of solution for us and we might need a lot of time to go through his legacy from here.